If a doctor tells you that you have 6 months to live and you believe it, it is a death sentence for you, but if you believe
that the doctor is wrong about you and that you can heal, you still have a chance to survive.  

I once had a teacher who had a wooden leg because he got shot in the leg while serving in the Army and had to have
his leg amputated.  He told me that every night before he went to sleep he would take his wooden leg off and put it by
his bed because it was too uncomfortable to sleep with it on, and he also told me that one night he got a phone call in
the middle of the night that woke him up, so he got out of bed and walked to the kitchen to answer the phone.  When he
picked up the phone and said, "Hello" he looked down and he realized that he had forgotten to put on his wooden leg
and that not only was he standing on one leg but somehow he had walked about 20 feet from his bed to the phone with
only one physical leg, and as soon as he realized that he was somehow using his leg that was no longer physically there
he immediately fell down.  I believe his story and I think that it is a very good example of the power of faith as well as the
dis-empowerment that comes when we start thinking that something is impossible.


We've all had the experience of having the most annoying song in the world grow on us after hearing it 1,000 times, and
the same thing happens when we use self-defeating vocabulary.  When you make statements such as "I wish I had the
talent." whenever you see a talented artist or "I wish I could afford that." whenever you see something expensive, or "I
can count the number of people I trust one 1 hand" when you are sharing your life story with someone, you are literally
creating limitations for yourself and making yourself weaker.  (The more that you say and believe these kinds of
negative statements about yourself the more that they will start to influence your decision making, and the more
vulnerable you will be to illness.)

An anorexic woman who only weighs 72 pounds will look in the mirror and literally see an overweight woman staring back
at her because she has told herself that she is fat so many times that her vision gets distorted in order to match her
beliefs and it is as if she is looking into a "funny mirror".  Even though she is thin she will subconsciously look for other
women who happen to have thinner legs or thinner arms than she does so she will have some kind of physical evidence
to support her built-in belief that she isn't thin enough.  

Start catching yourself whenever you say "Negative Affirmations" about yourself (either out loud or in your head) and try
saying a "Positive Affirmation" instead.  (Even if consciously it feels "fake" to say that you feel happy when you are really
feeling unhappy your subconscious mind will believe whatever you say about yourself whether it is good or bad and it
will do everything in it's power to keep you the person that you proclaim yourself to be.)

I want to share an amusing true story about an old lady who was diagnosed with cancer and was told that she only had
6 months to live, but was healed through the miraculous power of faith...

A 93 year old woman was diagnosed with cancer and told by her doctor that she only had 6 months to live, and a few months later the
local church that she went to became very concerned about her because she had missed church 3 weeks in a row.  

Fearing that she might have died, the preacher decided that he would go to her house after church to make sure that she was alright.

When the preacher arrived at the old lady's house and knocked on the door he was surprised when she opened the door and looked
younger, happier, and more energetic than she had looked in years.  She let him in and told him that she was feeling fantastic and that
a few days earlier her doctor had told her that her cancer had somehow mysteriously disappeared and that she was officially “cancer

She then asked him if he would like some tea, and he said "Yes" so she walked to the kitchen to get some tea for him and while she
was out of the room he was looking around at all of the beautiful antiques that she had in her home.  All of the furniture that she owned
was from the late 1800's and there was a really nice old fashioned pipe organ that caught his eye, so he walked over to it and was
startled when he saw what looked like a condom laying on top of it.  As soon as he saw it he heard the sound of the old lady's
footsteps walking back from the kitchen, so he quickly walked away from the pipe organ and sat down on the couch and pretended
that he didn't see anything.

They had a lovely conversation over tea, but in the back of the preacher's mind he couldn't stop wondering if it was really a condom
that he saw laying on top of the pipe organ and if so what in the world was it doing there?  So when she asked him if he would like
some more tea he said, “Yes” and as soon as she walked to the kitchen he quickly got up and walked back over to the pipe organ to
get a better look, and sure enough it was definitely a condom.

When it was time for the preacher to leave they were saying their goodbyes, but his curiosity got the better of him so he pointed at the
pipe organ and started asking her questions about it.  They walked over to the pipe organ and she was showing it to him and she even
started playing it for him, and then after a few minutes he finally just pointed at the condom and asked, "Ugh... What is that???"  The
old lady looked at it and said, "Oh that?"  Then she smiled and said, "That's a miracle!"  He then asked, "What do you mean a
miracle???"  and she said, "Well, when my doctor told me that I had cancer and that I only had 6 months to live I spent the whole night
praying to God for a miracle, and the next morning when I went out for my morning walk I found a small shiny wrapper laying on the on
the side of the road, so I bent down and picked it up to see what it was, and in really small lettering it said...

"To prevent disease, remove from wrapper and place on your organ."



Virtually everyone with a car has had the experience of taking their car to a repair shop because it was having trouble
starting and being told by the mechanic that there were several things wrong with the car that needed to be repaired
and that it was going to cost a fortune to get the car back to running normally.   

Unfortunately many people in this situation don't know anything about fixing cars and therefore don't question the
mechanic and just agree to let them do whatever they say is necessary, but some times when people are faced with a
really expensive repair estimate they feel skeptical and decide to go ask someone that they know who is knowledgeable
about cars to have a look at it and see what they think.  And when someone that they can trust looks at their car they
will likely tell them that the problem is no where near as bad as the mechanic was claiming, and that they can fix their car
for only a fraction of what the mechanic was wanting to charge them.

Like auto mechanics there are good and honest doctors in the world, but in many cases when you go to see a doctor
you are viewed as a "customer" and their goal is going to be to find something "wrong" with you so that they can either
perform an expensive surgery on you or put you on some kind of drug that you will have to take for the rest of your life,
and the more “gullible” and less knowledgeable you appear to be about cars or health the more likely that an auto
mechanic or a doctor will try to talk you into having unnecessary work done.  (Whether it's getting your car's air filter
replaced when it is still clean or getting all of your wisdom teeth removed "just to be safe".)

Doctors may also try to intimidate you if you “dare” to say that you want to get a second opinion rather than just agree
to whatever treatment that they recommend without question, and if you express interest in learning about people who
have healed from the same health condition that you currently have without drugs and surgery the doctor will probably
try to scare you into believing that you will die if you listen to people like that.

Just know that unless you are in emergency situation that requires immediate action you have every right to be as
informed as you need to be about all of your options before making such an important decision.



We all start off with "Baby Teeth", which quickly fall out and are then replaced with "Permanent Teeth", and the reason
they are called "Permanent Teeth" is because they will last a life-time if you take good care of them, yet that rarely
happens and “Oral Surgery” is something that almost 100% of us will have at some point in our life.  

Eating a healthy and natural diet like the one that I recommend in
Chapter One is certainly a good strategy for keeping
your teeth strong and healthy, however, even if you are eating the healthiest diet in the world you can still run into
dental issues...

WARNING:  A lot of people who are into natural living believe that since animals in nature don't brush their teeth neither
should we as long as we are eating a natural diet like they do.  The problem with this is that unlike the animals in nature
many of us didn't start eating a natural diet until we were already adults, and during our youth we caused so much
damage to our teeth that we now have to be extra careful with them.  

(If it makes sense to clean your hands after handling food, then please clean your teeth after eating as well.)

WARNING:  If you eat a big juicy watermelon there will be virtually no food stuck to your teeth afterwards and a simple
rinse with water will probably be enough to clean your teeth, but if you eat dried fruit there will probably be quite a bit of
sugar stuck to your teeth afterwards, and like us, the harmful bacteria in your mouth thrives on sugar, so if you leave
sugar on your teeth the bacteria will have a food source and will be able to grow and multiply.  

The bacteria in your mouth also excretes waste (feces) and this waste is very acidic and can burn holes in your teeth
which can lead to cavities.  So I would urge you not to leave food (especially sugar) on your teeth for really long periods
of time (especially overnight) and to try to only have food in your mouth when you are actually eating.

I would also encourage you to limit the amount of acidic foods that you eat such as lemons and limes, and to make sure
that all of the fruits that you eat are actually ripe because unripe fruit can be acidic and can damage teeth... (If you bite
into a fruit that is supposed to taste sweet but it tastes really sour, or if you are eating a pineapple and it is starting to
burn your mouth or even starting to make your lips bleed then please please please spit it out and rinse your mouth out
with water immediately to remove the acid.)

WARNING:  Many of the tools that dentists recommend for us to clean our teeth with can actually cause tooth decay!  
(Most of the toothbrushes on the market are hard bristled and are so abrasive that they can ware away tooth enamel,
and most toothpastes contains fluoride which can weaken teeth and bones, as well as other harmful ingredients which
coats the teeth and can actually interfere with the natural healing and restoration of your teeth.)

As far as what tools I think are actually safe and good to use, I recommend any of the following 10...

1. Soft Bristle Tooth Brush - To gently brush your teeth.
2. Dental Floss - To clean between your teeth.
3. Metal Tongue Scraper - To remove food and bacteria from your tongue.
4. Sea Salt – To gargle with water for it's antimicrobial properties.
5. Baking Soda – To use as a replacement for tooth paste.
6. Coconut Oil -  To do “
Oil Pulling” with (Where you swish the oil between your teeth for 10 minutes.)
7. Celery Stick – To chew on after meals to remove plaque and give your teeth healthy exercise.
8. Water Pick – To give the space between your teeth a deep cleaning.
9. Sunlight -  To disinfect your mouth.  (Just lay in the sun with your mouth wide open for a minute or two.)
10. Water -  To rinse your mouth with after eating something...  I instinctually rinse my teeth with water any time I eat
something.  (Even if I just eat 1 grape at the store to see if I want to buy a bag or not I still like to rinse my teeth



Studies have shown that sitting for multiple hours a day will not only have a negative effect on your posture and your
ability to burn fat, but it can also increase your chances of developing serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and
heart disease, and the more time that you spend sitting in a day the shorter your life expectancy becomes.

Sitting is so harmful that if you have a job where you sit 8 hours a day regular exercise will not be enough to reverse all
of the negative effects that sitting is having on your body.  (Even if you are working out for 8 hours a day!)

I encourage you to start standing instead of sitting whenever possible.  (It might seem challenging to do this at first, but
believe me, not only will you get used to it very quickly but after a while you will actually start to feel really uncomfortable
if you have to sit for more than a few minutes at a time, and you will start to wonder how on Earth you were ever able to
sit through a 2 hour movie without having to get up and stretch or move around a bit.)

Your body desires movement and the less movement that you give it the more that it will start to physically break down
and prepare to die, and many people are actually spending more hours a day sitting than they spend sleeping, so
please just start making an effort to sit less often.   I encourage you to start small and slowly build up until you are
standing most of the day.

Below are a few tips that I have to help you avoid sitting and to also help you reverse the negative effects that years of
habitual sitting has had on your health...


A “Standing Desk” is special desk that is high enough off the ground that you can comfortably use it while standing.  
(This is what I recommend most for those of you who have a job that involves working on a computer a lot or for anyone
who uses a computer a lot in their free time.)  

If you have a regular desk that was designed to be used while sitting you can purchase a brand new “Standing Desk”, or
you can just do what I did and convert your regular sitting desk into a standing desk by using boxes to prop your
keyboard, mouse, and monitor up high enough that you can use your computer while standing.

If you have a job that is physically demanding then you should take breaks and spend them resting, but if you have a
job where you aren't moving a lot than you should take breaks and spend them being active.  (If I am going to be
standing at my computer desk for hours at a time I like to occasionally step away from the computer and pace back and
forth (Which helps me “brainstorm”.) or put on some really good music and dance for 15 minutes or so.  (I find that
dancing helps to "shake" creative ideas out of me.)  


Although diet is of course a MAJOR reason that people get constipated and have difficulty going to the bathroom, sitting
on toilets is also a major contributor.

A squatting posture allows for easy and natural elimination, while sitting constricts the colon and causes people to have
to squeeze and push and spend a really long time in the bathroom.   

Going to the bathroom should be as effortless as blinking an eye and for those who are on a healthy diet AND who also
squat while going to the bathroom it will only take a few seconds to have a bowel movement.

There are
Special Stools that you can buy which will allow you to safely squat while using a toilet, but I personally just
stand on the toilet bowl and squat.  When I do this I do it with the toilet seat up so that there's no risk of breaking it with
my body weight, and I also make sure that I have something very sturdy to hold onto.  (Most public bathrooms are
required to provide handrails for the elderly and disabled and I will hold onto them for support while doing this.)  I also
always do this with shoes on for extra stability and traction.  (Plus I am a bit phobic of letting my feet or any other part of
my body make direct contact with a toilet.)  If you are overweight, older, or have any physical disabilities whatsoever
then I would recommend using a stool to be safe.

But always remember that the best and most natural way of all to go to the bathroom is to simply go outside in nature.  If
you live in the city this may not be an option for you, but if you live in the country or you ever spend time in the country
then I strongly recommend that you urinate and defecate outdoors any time that you can.  (It is how all of the other
species do it and the trees and plants actually want our urine and fertilizer!)


Many people who once had chronic neck, back, or knee pain and were told that they needed surgery were able to heal
themselves at home with the help of an inversion table.  (Which is a device that allows you to safely hang upside down
and reverse the effects of gravity.)

Gravity is constantly pushing down on us and because of this most people will lose at least a couple of inches in height
over the years as they age.  The compression of your spine due to gravity can lead to serious or even crippling health
problems over time and the easiest way to decompress your spine is to simply hang upside down and let your own body
weight stretch and lengthen it.  

When hanging upside down you will be at least 1 to 2 inches taller then you are when you are standing up since your
spine is being stretched by gravity instead of being compressed by it, and hanging upside down like this improves your
posture, increases your circulation, and feels amazing!   

One of the greatest feelings for me is when I feel a lot of tension in my back and it feels like it really needs to crack and
after hanging upside down for a few minutes I will suddenly get a really big and loud crack in my back where I was
feeling the tension.  When this happens I will feel tremendous relief as my spine instantly loosens up and straightens
and I feel like I can suddenly breathe a lot better because the energy flow in my spine is no longer being constricted.  (I
will also often get cracking in my neck, hips, and legs while hanging upside down.)

I recommend hanging upside down on an inversion table or via anti gravity boots for at least 10 minutes a day.  I also
recommend that while you are upside down you do some deep breathing exercises as well as some gentle twisting
movements for your spine.  (Imagine that your spine is a sponge and that by twisting it your are ringing out toxins.)

It felt very strange (and even scary) the first several times that I hung upside down, but you get used to it and eventually
you will be able to comfortably read a book while upside down and you won't want to go a day without decompressing
your spine.



For anyone who is physically unable to exercise, saunas are the next best thing.  (Although it is best to sweat through
vigorous exercise, sweating from taking a sauna actually has many of the same health benefits and it will help you to
lose the weight or heal from the condition that is currently keeping you from physical exercise.)

When you get a fever it is because your body is being attacked by a virus and since viruses are heat sensitive your
body raises it's temperature to exterminate the virus, and your body temperature also raises when you take a sauna
and this increased temperature can help you fight off viruses, parasites, bacteria, and even tumors cells because they
are all heat sensitive.

Sweating is a powerful form of de-tox and saunas make it so easy that all you have to do is relax and just let the warmth
sooth and heal you.  



As "Cosmetic Surgery" is rapidly becoming one of the most common forms of surgery out there I want to remind people
what the famous painter/sculptor “Michelangelo” said when someone asked him how he was able to take an ordinary
stone and carve it into something as beautiful and magnificent as the "Statue of David"...  

“Michelangelo” answered the question by saying that “David” was already in the stone and that all he had to do was chip
away the excess that was covering him up, and that's exactly what the 6 steps on this website are designed to do. To
chip away the negative excess in your life that is covering up a far greater version of yourself.  (The unhealthy foods
and drinks that you are consuming, the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, and the addictions that are robbing
you of your money and your time here on Earth, etc.)  

I believe that all of us have a blue print built into our D.N.A. for a perfect body and that our bodies also have the ability
to heal themselves of virtually anything from a simple shaving cut to stage 4 cancer, and the only reason that we aren't
seeing our potential is because it is buried underneath all of the negative excess that we are holding onto and need to
let go of.  


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