Some people will take a pill to fall asleep, stay awake, lose weight, have sex, not get pregnant, go to the bathroom, and
believe it or not there are even infomercials on late night television selling "memory pills" that claim that they can help
you remember names and phone numbers!

Please don't fall into this trap by taking a pill every time that you have a minor ache or pain.

If you were in perfect health but you decided to start using a wheelchair because it felt a lot easier than walking, it would
only be a matter of time until you actually needed that wheelchair due to the fact that you didn't use your legs for so long
that they atrophied and were no longer strong enough to support your body weight, and you can develop a similar
dependency on ANY drug out there from caffeine to pain killers if you rely on them long enough.

Here's an interesting fact to think about: All of the people living in America combined only makes up 5% of the world's
population, but 80% of the pharmaceutical drugs in the world are taken by people living in America.  Do you really think
that all of these drugs being taken by such a small percentage of the World is necessary?  And more importantly, has
taking all of these drugs fixed our health problems or are we actually more unhealthy now than we were before all these
drugs existed?

It is important to realize that ALL drugs can cause side effects, and that there are a lot of people out there who are
currently on 10 different medications.  (1 for the original problems and 9 for all of the side effects that the drugs have
caused.)  In fact, pharmaceutical drugs can be so dangerous that one of the most common ways to commit suicide is to
simply take them in high doses, and it is estimated that every year in the U.S. at least 100,000 people die simply from
taking the recommended dose of a pharmaceutical drug and that millions more will develop bad side effects from taking
them.  So I encourage you to please think twice the next time that you feel the impulse to take a pill for something that
isn't that serious.

Even if an "immortality pill" that would allow you to live forever was invented I wouldn't want to take it because I wouldn't
want to spend eternity dealing with all of the terrible side effects!



"If you have a headache it's not because you are suffering from an Aspirin deficiency."
- Unknown

If you have a really stressful job and you are constantly getting headaches at work, taking an Aspirin may make your
head stop hurting, but you need to understand that the headaches that you are getting are actually warning signs that
your body is producing to let you know that the stress that is being placed on it when you are at work is more than it can
handle, and that if you don't either find a less stressful job or stop getting so stressed out about the one that you have
you are going to end up with a health problem far worse than just a headache in the future...  (Maybe ulcers, cancer, or
even a heart attack!)   

So please do not ignore your body's warnings by taking drugs which merely hide and suppress your symptoms (and
allows the problem to continue to grow inside of you unnoticed) and instead do something to stop what is actually
causing the problem in the first place.



Something that blows my mind is that when people go to the store and buy something like "Aspirin" they will buy a HUGE
bottle with 100, 500, or even 1,000 pills in it!  (The way that I see it is that if you are expecting to need that many
headache pills in the future then you will probably get a future full of headaches.)  

As I am writing this it has been over 10 years since I have taken a pharmaceutical drug and I believe that this is largely
because I don't expect to get sick.  (I don't have a "medicine cabinet" and I don't go out and stock up on cold medicine
or get the flu shot just because it is the "Cold & Flu Season".)  I expect wellness and I experience wellness.  

We get what we think about, which leads me to my next topic...



It wasn't that long ago that the idea that our mental thoughts had a major impact on our physical health was looked at as
nothing more than new age nonsense with no evidence to support it, but in the year 2008 "Antidepressants" officially
became the most prescribed drug in America, so it would be hard for anyone to still deny that our thoughts have a major
impact on our health.  (Yes, you can worry yourself sick and you can slowly kill yourself by going through life being
constantly stressed out and angry at the world around you.  And if "negative thinking" has the ability to harm us then it
only makes since that "positive thinking" would have the ability to heal us.)

POSITIVE EMOTIONS                                                               NEGATIVE EMOTIONS

Below is a list of 10 self-help authors that have helped millions of people (including myself) develop a more positive
outlook on life...




Watching the News can make you scared, angry, and depressed, and the commercials that are shown during the News
just happen to be for drugs that will cure these negative emotions.  So in other words, people will watch the news and
start to feel anxiety, then they will see commercials for drugs that can cure their anxiety.  Taking these drugs might make
them feel better, but if they continue to watch the news on a regular basis they will need to keep taking the drugs on a
regular basis as well, and they could just avoid this cycle all together by simply not watching the News, and below are 6
big reasons that watching the news can be bad for your health...

Problem With The News # 1 - "Desensitization To Violence"

This is why I strongly recommend that you don't even have websites like
www.yahoo.com set as your Internet home page
because if you do, the first thing that you will see every time you get on-line will be their "Top News Stories", and it will
almost always be headlines like, "17 Killed In Bus Bombing In Israel" and after a while these kinds of headlines become
so repetitive that they start to become meaningless to you and within a few seconds of being exposed to them you are
browsing through FaceBook and have already forgotten about it, and I feel that this kind of desensitization to human
tragedies is just as unhealthy as getting stressed out over them.

Problem With The News # 2 - "It Focuses On The Negative"

It is estimated that the time the news devotes to covering "Bad News" compared to "Good News" is roughly 17 to 1, so I
don't believe that the news gives an accurate portrayal of the world.  (If you were to go out and meet 18 new people
today I highly doubt that 17 of them are going to be bad people and that only 1 of them would be a good person.)

Ironically a lot of the people who believe that they live in a "bad neighborhood" actually live in a good neighborhood and
only feel the way that they do because of what they have seen, read, or heard about on the news, and if they were
"unplugged" from the news and they based their outlook on life strictly on what they have actually seen and experienced
in real life they would be a lot more trusting of people and have a lot less fear and anxiety in their life.  

Right after High School I moved to the city to find work and I got a job working at a factory.  On my first day at work I was
in the break room with my co-workers and they all started talking about the guns that they owned.  Because I was new to
the area I was a little concerned to hear that all of my co-workers felt the need to own a gun, and I wondered if I had just
moved into a neighborhood that was a lot more dangerous than I had previously thought.  So later that day I
approached each of them individually and asked them why they owned a gun and every one of them gave me the exact
same response...  "Don't you watch the news???"

The news will often use fear to make you feel like you have to watch it in order to be safe...  I remember when I was a kid
I used to watch the show "Wheel of Fortune" at 7:00PM and during the commercial breaks for that show they would show
a quick 8 second commercial spot for the late night News that would air later that night, and they would always use
blatant scare tactics to get people to tune in.  (They would have dramatic music and show a serious looking News
anchor say a quick fear based message such as, "What you don't know about your child's car seat that could kill them...
Film at 11:00." or "Murder suspect still at large, could he be in your neighborhood?" which of course would scare people
into feeling like they had to watch the news that night if they didn't want to end up being on the news themselves.)

And keep in mind that all of the different News channels are in competition with each other and the number one way they
compete with each other is by trying to be the first one to break some really terrible news to you.  (If you knew a person
who had a really depressing story to tell you every single time that you saw them I imagine that you wouldn't want to be
around that person very much due to the fact that they always left you feeling depressed, and if that is the case than
why would you actually go out of your way to watch the news everyday if it too is always wanting to tell you stories that
will make you feel bad?

Albert Einstein once said that the most important decision that you will ever make in life is whether you believe that you
live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe, so please don't watch the news when it is set up to make you believe that
you live in a hostile universe.

Problem With The News # 3 - "It Creates Pessimism"

A lot of people think that we need to watch the news in order to be INFORMED about all of the terrible things that are
going on in the world, but I think that what we need most right now is to be INSPIRED by how much of a positive
difference that each of us can make in the world.  

If a football team believes that they are they have no chance of ever making it to the "Super Bowl” then it's a safe bet
that they won't, and if we believe that the world is doomed and that every stranger we encounter is a potential mugger,
pedophile, or serial killer rather than a potential friend or ally we greatly limit our potential to make the world a better

Problem With The News # 4 - "It's Not Always Real"

It has been said that the news is a lot like pro-wrestling (It used to be legitimate, but now-a-days even some of the most
respected newspapers have been caught exaggerating or even making up stories just to sell more newspapers.)

And even if the news is telling you a true story they may not be telling you the whole story.  (All of the major news outlets
are owned by corporations who have a vested interest in getting you to think a certain way, so although the news may
keep you informed about certain important things that are going on in the world, they will also devote a lot of time and
coverage to unimportant things that are intended to keep you distracted and unaware of other important things that are
going on in the world.)

Problem With The News # 5 - "There Is No Such Thing As "Bad Publicity"

During presidential elections the candidate that gets the most news coverage will usually win (even if most of the
coverage that they get is negative) and the only reason that terrorists can strike fear in the hearts of millions of people
is because of all of the news coverage that they are given.

Simply put, when we put our focus on what we don't want and become immobilized with fear we attract more of what we
don't want and become powerless to stop it.

Problem With The News # 6 - "The World Needs You To Be At Your Best"

You can't fill your mind with negativity and be healthy, and you also can't be a superhero like “Bat Man” and fight crime if
you are too afraid to leave your house at night...

Any time that you ride an airplane there will be a demonstration before take-off on how to use the safety equipment that
is on board in case of an emergency, and they always tell the passengers that in an emergency situation you must put
your own oxygen mask on first before you try to help anyone else around you who can't breathe, and although that
might seem "selfish" at first, it is for the best, because how can you expect to save others if you yourself need to be

So please save yourself by turning off the news and freeing yourself of negativity, then go out and help reduce the
negativity in the world by committing "random acts of kindness" and helping to create some uplifting and positive news
stories for a change.



Drugs don't really make you feel "better", but rather they make you feel "less" and for those who are in physical or
mental pain drugs can provide an escape from what they are feeling.

There can certainly be situations where a person is in so much pain that taking a drug for it will have more benefits than
side effects, however, a lot of people get addicted to these drugs and want to continue taking them even after the pain
is gone.  (It wasn't that long ago in history that one of the biggest fears that people had was having to have surgery, but
now-a-days I actually hear people saying that they are excited about having surgery because it means that their doctor
will be giving them a prescription for "Vicodin" again.)

One of the biggest reasons that people get addicted to drugs (Pharmaceutical & Recreational) is that they don't know
what they want to do with their life, or they have big dreams but don't believe that they have the power to turn them into
a reality, so they feel trapped in life and want the escape that drugs provide.

If you have ever worked at a job that you didn't enjoy, you have probably had the experience where the whole time that
you were at work you felt tired and kept telling yourself that as soon as you got off work you were going to go home and
go straight to sleep, but then as soon as work ended you suddenly felt wide awake.  The reason this happens is
because working at a job that you don't enjoy will literally suck the lifeforce out of you, and it doesn't matter whether you
are working at a job that requires you to lift 100 pound boulders or answer a telephone, you are going to feel physically
drained if you are doing something that your soul doesn't want to do.

The key is to find a job that you would want to do even if you weren't getting paid to do it.  So ask yourself, if you already
had enough money in the bank to last you a lifetime and you were no longer driven by money to do things, what kind of
a job would you still feel interested in doing?  When you were a kid you probably loved to paint, play music, or dance
even though no one was paying you to do it, so why not do what you love now and find ways to get paid for it?  (Even if
the thing that you enjoy most in life is watching movies, there are lots of people making a good living by watching movies
and then filming reviews about them on YouTube, so it is important to realize that ANYTHING that is done with passion
can eventually generate an interest from other people, which can eventually generate an income for you.)

If you are still unsure what to do with your life, another helpful question to ask yourself is the famous question by "Andy
Stanley" which is, "What breaks your heart?"  Does the fact that children are starving, or that people are homeless, or
that animals are going extinct break your heart?  If so then make it your mission in life to help end this suffering.

If you still aren't sure what you should do with your life, just know that all of us are being guided.  (When a poet is writing
a poem, they aren't coming up with any of the words on their own, but rather they are simply writing down all of the
inspirational words and ideas that are flowing to them at that moment.)  Ideas are always coming to us from the invisible,
but very few of us are brave enough to actually take one of these ideas and run with it due to all of the limiting beliefs
that we have about ourselves.  So I encourage you to start taking risks instead of drugs.  (Yes, like drugs there are
"possible" side effects to taking risks in life, but the side effects of not taking risks are far greater and are "guaranteed" if
you never try.)


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* Release of Cortizol Into The Body
* Grey Hair, Hair Loss, & Wrinkles
* Weakened Immune System  (More Sickness)
* Tension
* Raised Blood Pressure
* Fatigue
* Headaches
* Loss of Sleep
* Causes Illness
* More Money Spent On Doctor Visits & Medication
* Stillbirths In Pregnant Women
* Premature Death / Suicide

* Release of Endorphins Into The Body
* Anti-Ageing
* Strengthened Immune System (Less Sickness)
* Relaxed Muscles
* Lowered Blood Pressure
* Increased Energy
* Clear Thinking
* Improved Sleep
* Cures Illness
* Saves Money On Doctor Bills/Medicine
* Healthier Babies In Pregnant Women
* Longer Life / More Fulfilled Life
* Love
* Happiness
* Joy
* Optimism
* Bliss
* Faith
* Gratitude
* Relaxation
* Excitement
* Inspiration
* Confidence
* Hate
* Sadness
* Depression
* Pessimism
* Pain
* Fear
* Jealousy
* Discomfort
* Boredom
* Irritation
* Guilt
* Eckhart Tolle
* Alan Watts
* Dan Milman
* Napoleon Hill
* Neale Donald Wasch
* Ester & Jerry Hicks
* Earl Nightingale
* Louise Hay
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* Tony Robbins