6 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Drugs


Some people will take a pill to fall asleep, stay awake, lose weight, have sex, not get pregnant, go to the bathroom, and believe it or not there are even infomercials on late night television for "memory pills" that claim that they can help you remember names and phone numbers!

Don't fall into this trap by taking a pill every time that you have a minor ache or pain.

If you were in perfect health but you decided to start using a wheelchair because it felt a lot easier than walking, it would only be a matter of time until you actually needed the wheelchair due to the fact that you didn't use your legs for so long that they atrophied and were no longer strong enough to support your body weight, and you can develop a similar dependency on ANY drug out there from caffeine to pain killers if you rely on them long enough.

Here is something interesting to think about: All of the people living in the United States combined only makes up 5% of the human population, yet 80% of the pharmaceutical drugs in the world are taken by people living in the United States. Do you really think that all of these drugs being taken by such a small percentage of the World is necessary? And more importantly, has taking all of these drugs done more good than harm?

It is important to realize that ALL drugs can cause side effects, and a lot of people out there are currently on several different medications simultaneously. (1 for the original problem and a bunch of others for all of the side effects.)

In fact, pharmaceutical drugs can be so dangerous that one of the most common ways for people to commit suicide is to simply take their medication in high doses, and it is estimated that every year in the U.S. at least 100,000 people die simply from taking the normal dose of their medication. (And millions more won't actually die but will end up with bad side effects.)

Even if an "immortality pill" was invented that would allow you to live forever I wouldn't want to take it because I don't want to spend eternity dealing with all of the terrible side effects!

So I am not encouraging anyone to stop taking their medications, but what I am doing is encouraging you to think twice the next time that you feel the impulse to take a pill for something that you know isn't that serious, and that you know your body is perfectly capable of healing on it's own.


"If you have a headache it's not because you are suffering from an Aspirin deficiency."
- Unknown

If you have a really stressful job and you are constantly getting headaches at work, taking an Aspirin will make your head stop hurting. However, you need to realize that the headaches that you are experiencing at work are actually "warning signs" that your body is producing to let you know that the stress that is being placed on it when you are at work is more than it can handle. And it is trying to tell you that if you don't either find a less stressful job or stop getting so stressed out about the one that you have, you are going to end up with a health problem far worse than a mere headache in the future. (Like an ulcer, a cancer, or even a heart attack!)

So please do not ignore your body's warnings by taking drugs which merely makes the problem appear less serious then it really is and that allows the problem to continue to build-up inside of you unnoticed, and instead do something to stop what is actually causing the problem in the first place.


Something that blows my mind is the fact that when people go to the store and buy something like "headache pills" they will buy a HUGE bottle with 100, 500, or even 1,000 pills in it!

The way that I see it is that if you are expecting to need that many "headache pills" in the future you will probably end up with a future full of headaches!

As I am writing this it has been over 10 years since I have taken a pharmaceutical drug, and although although diet and exercise are both big reasons that I have enjoyed over a decade of wellness, I believe that the fact that I don't "expect" to get sick is also a big reason that I don't get sick the same way that everyone else around me does. (I don't have a "medicine cabinet" at my house, and during the winter I don't get the "flu shot" or go out and stock up on "Cold & Flu" medicine because I simply don't imagine that I'm going to need these things in the future.)

To put it more simply, "We become what we think about." which leads me to my next topic...


It wasn't that long ago that the belief that our mental thoughts effected our physical health was looked at as nothing more than new age nonsense with no evidence to support it, but in the year 2008 "Antidepressants" officially became the most prescribed drug in the United States, so it would be hard for anyone to still be skeptical that our thoughts have a powerful effect on our health!

Yes, you can worry yourself sick, and you can slowly kill yourself by spending your life feeling stressed out and angry at the world around you. And if "negative thinking" has the ability to harm us then it only makes since that "positive thinking" would have the opposite effect on us.

There are a lot of great motivational speakers out there, so I would encourage you to start reading, watching, and listening to people who leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, and to start distancing yourself from any media that is negative and that can leave you feeling hopeless.

"Wayne Dyer" is someone who has inspired me a lot over the years, and below is a short video clip from one of his lectures that is sure to bring out the "good tears"...


Drugs don't really make you feel "better", but rather they make you feel "less" and for those who are in a lot of physical or mental pain drugs can provide an escape from what they are feeling.

There can certainly be situations where a person is in so much pain that it would be better for them to take a "pain killer" than to have to endure the pain. However, a lot of people get addicted to these kinds of drugs and want to continue taking them even after the pain has subsided.

It wasn't that long ago that one of the biggest fears that people had was having to have surgery, but now-a-days I literally hear people saying that they are excited about an upcoming surgery because it means that their doctor will be giving them a prescription for "Vicodin" again!

One of the main reasons that people get addicted to drugs (Pharmaceutical & Recreational) is that they don't know what they want to do with their life, or they have big dreams but don't believe that they have the ability to turn them into a reality, so they feel "trapped" in life and want the escape that drugs can provide.

Working at a job that you don't enjoy can literally suck the life-force out of you, and it doesn't matter whether you are working at a job that requires you to lift 100 pound boulders or answer a telephone, you are going to feel tired if spend 8 hours a day doing something that your soul just doesn't want to do.

The key is to find a job that you would want to do even if you weren't getting paid to do it. So ask yourself, if you already had enough money in the bank to last you a lifetime and you were no longer motivated by money to do things, what job would you still be interested in doing?

Even if the thing that you enjoy most in life is watching movies, you should know there are actually people out there making a good amount of money by watching movies and then filming reviews about them for YouTube, so please realize that literally ANYTHING that is done with passion can eventually generate an interest from other people, which can eventually generate an income for you.

If you honestly can't think of any job that you would have fun doing then I would like to ask you the famous question by "Andy Stanley" which is, "What breaks your heart?"

Does the fact that children are going to bed hungry, people are going homeless, or animals are going extinct break your heart? If so then you could start devoting some of your free time to helping to end some of the suffering in the world which will not only help others but will give you a greater feeling of importance in life.

You could do volunteer work, you could start a website devoted to activism, or you could simply share inspirational quotes, pictures, and video that you like on social media. (Every little bit helps, and sometimes it's the small things that really impact people.)

If you still say that you don't know what you want to do with your life, just know that all of us are being guided. (When a poet is writing a poem, they aren't coming up with any of the words on their own, but rather they are simply writing down all of the inspirational words and ideas that are flowing to them at that moment.)

Ideas are always flowing to us from the invisible, but very few of us are brave enough to actually take any of these ideas and run with them due to all of the limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves.


Watching the News can make you scared, angry, and depressed, and the commercials that are shown during the News just happens to be for drugs that will cure these negative emotions.

So in other words, people will watch the News and start to feel anxiety, then they will see commercials for drugs that can cure their anxiety. Taking these drugs will make them feel better, but if they continue to watch the News on a regular basis they will need to keep taking the drugs on a regular basis as well, and they could just avoid this cycle all together by simply not watching the News!

Below are 6 big reasons that I believe that watching the News can be detrimental to your health...

Problem With The News # 1 - "Desensitization To Violence"

I strongly recommend that you don't even have websites like www.yahoo.com or www.google.com set as your Internet home page, because if you do the first thing that you will see every time you get on-line will be the "Top News Stories", and since negative stories tend to get the most clicks it will almost always be headlines like, "17 Killed In Bus Bombing In Israel".

After a while these kinds of headlines will become so "normal" that they also start to become "meaningless" to you, and within a few seconds of hearing about a terrible tragedy you will be browsing FaceBook or YouTube and will have already forgotten about it, and I feel that this kind of desensitization to violence is just as unhealthy as getting stressed out over it.

Problem With The News # 2 - "There Is No Such Thing As "Bad Publicity"

Whenever something scary happens in the world the news gets big ratings, and all of the terrorists, mass shooters, and other dangerous people in the world who are seeking attention and want to scare people end up getting exactly what they want thanks to the News.

And not only does the News give these people free publicity, but they will also do their best to help make them look as scary as possible to keep the viewers at home watching.

Even during presidential elections the candidate who gets the most News coverage will have a strong advantage (even if a lot of the coverage that they get is negative) because as they say, "Any publicity is good publicity.".

Problem With The News # 3 - "It Divides People"

There is an old saying that "there is strength in numbers", but that is not always true. There is only strength in numbers if there is "unity" because basic math teaches us that the more that you divide a number the smaller (and less powerful) it becomes.

The News has a very "polarizing" effect on society and I feel that it is intended to have this effect on us.

It causes people to focus on their differences, and it makes people worry that every stranger they encounter on the street is a potential mugger, pedophile, or murderer like they keep hearing about on the News.

This ensures that that we won't unite as people and that we will continue to believe that we need lots of rules and rulers controling over us for our own protection.

Problem With The News # 4 - "It Focuses On The Negative"

You can't fill your mind with negativity and expect to be healthy!

It is estimated that the actual time that the News devotes to covering "Bad News" compared to "Good News" is roughly 17 to 1, so I don't believe that the News gives an accurate portrayal of humanity. (If you were to go out and meet 18 new people today I highly doubt that 17 of them are going to be bad people and that only 1 of them will be a good person, and if anything it would more likely be the exact opposite!)

I believe that if people stopped the News and started basing their outlook on life on what they have actually seen and experienced in real life they would be a lot more trusting of other people.

Albert Einstein once said that the most important decision that you will ever make in life is whether you believe that you live in a "friendly universe" or a "hostile universe", so please do not watch the News because it is literally intended to make you believe that you live in a hostile universe!

I grew up in the country and there weren't a lot of places to work, so once I became an adult I moved to the city to find a job and I got hired to work at a factory. On my first day of work at the factory I was in the break room with my co-workers and they all started talking about the guns that they owned. Because I was new to the area I was a little concerned to hear that all of my co-workers felt the need to own a gun, and I wondered if I had just moved into a neighborhood that was a lot more dangerous than I had previously thought. So later that day I approached each of my co-workers individually and asked them why they owned a gun, and every one of them gave me the exact same response...


Problem With The News # 5 - "It's Not Always True"

The different News stations are in competition with each other, and one of the main ways that they compete is to try to be the first one to break some really bad news to you. (Which should be enough reason not to be a loyal viewer of it!)

This of course inevitably leads to false information being put out because when there is a race to be the very first News station to cover a big News story there isn't always enough time to responsibly fact check everything before going ahead and reporting on it, and the viewers at home could develop a strong belief about something or someone that isn't even true.

Major News stations have also been caught exaggerating and over dramatizing stories to keep the viewers at home scared and anxious to see what in the world is going to happen next.

And of course the major News stations are owned by corporations who have their own biases, and therefore even if they don't blatantly "lie" the information that is presented in the news is often biased and is intended to make you biased as well! (You may think that you are being informed while watching the news, but there are lots of important things going on in the world that aren't getting mainstream media attention because it would hurt their agenda to talk about them.)

Problem With The News # 6 - "Unnecessary Information"

If you watch the News for just half an hour a day you will literally be getting exposed to thousands of different News stories every year, and not only will most of these stories be negative but most of them will actually be completely irrelevant to your every day life, and therefore you will be getting worked up over thousands of negative stories every year that you didn't even need to know about.

I also want to mention that if something major like "World War 3" happened you would end up hearing about it regardless of whether you watch the News or not, so please don't feel that you have to immerse yourself in negativity everyday just to stay "informed".