One of the main reasons that people need to seek advise from a doctor is because they haven't been listening to the
advise that their own bodies have been giving them for years...  

- Any time you continue eating when your body is telling you that it is already full, you aren't listening to your body.
- Any time you get out of bed when your body is telling you it still needs more sleep, you aren't listening to your body.
- Any time you take a pill in order to hide a headache, heartburn, or a mysterious pain, you aren't listening to your body.

Lack of communication is the cause of quite a bit of the problems in the world...

- Most of the divorces between married couples are due to a lack of communication.
- Most of the wars between countries that speak different languages are due to a lack of communication.
- Most of the health problems that we end up with in life are due to a lack of communication between us and our bodies.  

Our brain is in constant communication with the rest of the body and every second it is processing over 10 million bits of
information.  (If you are walking outside in nature naked your brain is receiving information from your feet about how the
grass feels as you step on it, information from your skin about how the weather feels, information from your nose about
the smell of the environment, information from your ears about the different sounds that you are hearing, and
information from your eyes about the thousands of different shapes and shades of colors that it is seeing.)  It really is
amazing to think about just how much communication is going on inside of us right now, and it is also kind of sad to think
that we have become so disconnected that we need X-ray machines just to know what is going on inside of our own

The amount of information contained inside of us is unbelievable (If a man blows his nose you can take the used tissue
to a lab and use the information within it to find out if that man is your biological father!) and if you were to write a list of
the wisest people who have ever lived and ask yourself where all of these great people got their wisdom from, you will
find that they didn't get it from outside sources such as books, schools, and churches, but rather they got it by looking
deep within themselves and tapping into some of the information that we all have within us.

When a "World History Teacher" tells their students, "The war of France was fought between 1726 -1731." the students
will write this information down and have to repeat it over and over again in their mind until it is memorized, but when a
"Spiritual Teacher" tells the people attending their lecture that, "There is no way to happiness... Happiness is the way."
the people in the audience will immediately smile and start shaking their heads "YES" in agreement because they know
that what they just heard is a great truth that they have always known deep down, but it wasn't until that moment that
they heard someone say it so clearly in normal everyday language that they realized they knew it.



If you were to take a medical dictionary and randomly pick one of the thousands of health problems that is listed in it,
and then you spent some time researching that particular health problem and learning about all of the symptoms
associated with it, there is a very good chance that you would start to worry that you might have that health problem.  
Now imagine what happens when millions of people watch the News and are told that there is a deadly new flu virus
going around...  (What happens is that millions of people will panic and go out and spend millions of dollars on medicine
and vaccines, and some will even go out and buy a year's worth of canned goods and bottled water because they have
been worked up into believing that it might be the end of the world.)

The one thing that all of the "End Of The World Predictions" that have come and gone over the years have in common
is that none of them actually happened, however, that doesn't mean that they didn't cause a lot of health problems and
even deaths anyways, because anytime that there is a mass hysteria there is a tremendous amount of fear, depression,
stress, crime, suicide, and of course... "Doctor Visits".

Recently a new concept was created called "The Awareness Months" where each month of the year is devoted to
raising people's awareness of a serious health problem, and I feel that this concept has the potential to hurt a lot more
people than it helps, because the more that you worry about something the more vulnerable you are to it.  You attract
what you fear, and if you spend an entire month raising the awareness of "Testicular Cancer" millions of men are going
to worry that they might have it, and if you spend an entire month raising the awareness of "Breast Cancer" millions of
women are going to worry that they might have it, and what will happen is that millions of men and women will be scared
into going to a doctor and getting X-rays and these X-rays can actually cause cancer!

Below is a list of the "Awareness Months".  Look very closely at this list and judge for yourself whether or not you think
that this concept was really designed to help people, or if it was designed with the intention of scaring people into
scheduling more doctor appointments...


During some of the "Awareness Months" charities will spend the month asking people for donations to help find a cure
and I strongly urge you NOT to donate to these charities for the following reasons...

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 1 - "Disempowerment"

The message being promoted by these charities is that there is no cure for diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart
disease and that there is also no cause for them other than the "genetics" that you were born with, so if you get one of
these diseases there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it except to go to your doctor and accept whatever
surgery or treatment that they recommend.

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 2 - "There Already Is A Cure"

If I am buying $100 worth of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and the cashier asks me, "Would you like to
donate $1.00 today to help fight cancer?"  I simply look at all the fruits and vegetables that I'm buying and then look at
my total and say, "No, but I'll spend $100 today on supporting the cure for cancer that already exists!"

Grocery stores that ask customers for donations to help fight cancer usually sell cigarettes (which causes lung cancer),
as well as alcohol (which causes liver cancer), and processed meats (which according to the "World Health
Organization" are now classified as carcinogens) so just know that the best way to help end cancer isn't to donate
money to businesses that claim to want to help end cancer but at that same time will knowingly sell cancer causing
products if they can make a lot of money from it, and instead spend your money on the foods that help keep our
immune systems strong and healthy enough to be able to protect us from disease and illness.

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 3 - "Medical Research Is Often Unethical"

The "research" that is conducted in disease studies is often in the form of "Animal Testing" where scientists will
purposely give human diseases to animals.  This is incredibly cruel and the fact that animals in the wild don't get cancer,
diabetes, or heart disease like we do should be all the evidence that we need to show that these diseases are the result
of our unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle.  Millions of animals have been given diseases and died in the name of "trying to
find a cure" and when you donate money to research just know that your money (which you think is going to go to help
end disease) may in fact be used to give diseases to innocent animals.

Donation money will also often get used for studies that are performed for no other reason than to get an expensive and
controversial new drug approved.  You can find studies showing that eggs are good for your health, as well as studies
showing that eggs are bad for your health, and if a company that sells eggs funds these studies they will probably be
very happy to share the study with positive results (and even use it as a marketing tool to sell more eggs) but they will
also probably pretend that the study that showed that eggs are bad for us never happened.  

This same bias can happen in research for new drugs.  Drug companies are investing millions of dollars into this
research and they stand to make billions in profit if the results are positive, so there is certainly an incentive to share the
good results and hide the bad ones, and no matter how much a drug company claims that their drug is "safe and
effective" all you have to do is simply turn the pill bottle over to the back and you will find a long list of harmful "side
effects" that the drug was shown to cause in studies.

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 4 - "Fraud"

In many cases only about 10 cents of every dollar that you donate to charities will actually go to the people who need it.  
A lot of the money that is donated to charities goes toward "business expenses" and unless the people working at the
charity are doing it as volunteer work their pay will also come from the donation money.  (There is nothing wrong with
getting paid to help people, however, it is unethical to do so without being transparent about it.)

For example, if I am raising money to help feed starving children in Africa and I am telling the people who donate that
100% of their donation money will go towards feeding children in Africa, but I am not telling them the fact that I keep
$400,000 of the money donated each year as my salary for running this charity, and that whenever I travel and give
talks to people about the charity I travel first class, stay at really expensive hotels, and go to fancy restaurants and then
write it all off as "business expenses" then it is not fair to those who donated believing that all of their money was going
to go to the children.

Unless you know exactly what your donation money is going to be used for I recommend not giving to a charity and
instead donating to people face to face.  (No matter where you live there is surely a homeless person that you could
give a meal to, or buy a pair of shoes for, or simply talk to.)  Do your own random acts of kindness and actually see with
your own eyes the difference that it makes in someone's life.  

I also don't believe that the medical industry has any real desire to find cures for all of the major diseases, because they
know full well that not only would they lose the BILLIONS of dollars worth of donation money and government grants that
they receive each year to help find cures for these problems, but they would also lose the TRILLIONS of dollars that
they make by giving people chemotherapy, open heart surgery, and life long prescriptions for insulin and other
pharmaceutical drugs.  

This is why the medical industry intentionally puts 100% of their focus on "finding a cure" (and more specifically, finding
a cure that is in the form of a pharmaceutical drug) rather than doing something about the actual "cause" of these
health problems and encouraging people to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle, because they know that healthy people
don't need drugs, doctors, and surgeries.

This problem will likely continue as long as there is such a large fortune to be made from people staying sick, so just
remember that unless the medical industry is truly noble and not tempted by greed, the more money that we donate to
them to help them find a cure the less likely that they will actually want to find a cure, since finding a cure would mean no
longer receiving all of the donation money that we are generously giving them every year.

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 5 - "It's A Joke!"

KFC recently started a promotion where they are selling pink buckets of chicken and for every pink bucket sold KFC will
donate 50 cents to help find a cure for breast cancer.  For those who don't know, "KFC" stands for "Kentucky Fried
Chicken" and eating lots of fried foods (especially fried meats) has been linked to many forms of cancer (including
breast cancer) not to mention virtually all of our other biggest killers such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, but
KFC is actually suggesting that when we eat at KFC we are helping in the efforts to make cancer a thing of the past.

Reason Not To Donate For A Cure # 6 - "Hero or Villain?"

Even if you have donated money over the years to cancer research do you really think that if they ever discovered a
cure and you were diagnosed with cancer that they would just let you have their cure?  Just as they have turned the
efforts to finding a cure for cancer into a multi-billion dollar a year business they would surely turn curing people with
cancer into a multi-billion dollar a year business as well.

Even if they discovered a cure for cancer that was very simple and cheap to produce I believe that the very first thing
that would happen is that a drug company would patent it (and make it illegal for anyone else to produce it) and then
they would charge people so much money for their cure that only certain people could afford it and most of the people
in need would still be in the same situation they are in now.  (Instead of asking people to donate money to "Help find a
cure for cancer." charities would simply switch to asking people to donate money to "Help those with cancer be able to
afford the cure.")

Imagine if "Super Man" had a restraining order put on "Bat Man", Spider Man", and "Wonder Woman" so that they
couldn't come anywhere near his city because he wanted to be the only super hero in town that people could turn to if
they were in trouble.  And now imagine that whenever he showed up to save people he told them that he would only
save them if they agreed to pay him a lot of money, and if they were poor and couldn't pay him he would simply let them
die.  He would no longer be a "Super Hero" at that point and would instead be a "Villain" who let greed cause him to
become the very thing that he was originally against.



The 2 most financially profitable industries in America are "The Fast Food Industry" and "The Pharmaceutical
Industry"...  Do you see a connection?  

The fact that there is a "War" on illegal drugs, but prescription and over-the-counter drugs are being pushed on
everyone so hard, and the fact that you have to be an adult to purchase cigarettes and alcohol, but it is legal for fast
food restaurants to sell and even market their addicting and harmful foods to young children makes no sense until you
realize that "The Fast Food Industry" and "The Pharmaceutical Industry" (which both make trillions of dollars a year
each) need each other to stay so profitable...  

People who eat fast food a lot will eventually get sick from it, but if they take drugs that hides their sickness they can
comfortably continue to eat the foods that are making them sick, and as long as they keep buying the drugs they can
keep buying the fast food.  But eventually it will all catch up to them and they will likely end up with a life-threatening
illness, and sadly, even when then they are given the diagnosis it is unlikely that their doctor will encourage them to
change their diet and lifestyle...

Recently a friend of mine started to lose his eyesight and had to be rushed to the emergency room.  The doctors
examined him and told him that he had diabetes and when I went to the hospital to visit him I was shocked to see that he
was eating a bacon cheeseburger, french fries, and a Coke.  (There was actually a fast food restaurant called
"Wendy's" built into the hospital.)  “What kind of a recovery meal is that?” I wondered, and this experience alone made it
obvious to me that doctors are either completely ignorant about the connection between diet and health or they are
aware of it but they are more interested in treating sick people then they are in encouraging preventative action that
would prevent people from getting diseases like diabetes in the first place.



In the 1900's it was strongly believed by many that ALL major forms of sickness and diseases would be completely
eliminated by the year 2000 thanks to all of the pharmaceutical drugs that were being developed.  Because of this belief
the ancient natural remedies that people had been using for countless generations became looked at as "primitive" and
inferior to the modern medicines that science was creating, so people stopped using them in favor of the "New &
Improved" medicines that they could buy at a drug store.  (Pharmaceutical drugs didn't eliminate all sickness and
disease.  In fact, there is actually far more sickness and disease now then there was before the pharmaceutical industry

It was also believed in the 1900's that through the help of medical science people would be living a lot longer by the
year 2000 as well, and although it is true that there are people in America today who are in their 80's, 90's, or even
100's, a lot of them are in nursing homes where they are confined to a bed or a wheelchair, and are completely
dependent on others to feed, clothe, and bathe them.  (And sometimes they don't even recognize their own children
when they come to visit them.)  So rather than saying that people are "living" a much longer life I think that it would be
far more appropriate to say that people are "dying" a much slower death.

The ancient wisdom of natural medicine that was well known for thousands of years has almost been completely
forgotten in only the past 100 years since pharmaceutical drugs were invented.  And if an author writes a book
reminding us of what our ancient ancestors used to do to heal themselves when they got sick, that author will most likely
be threatened with lawsuits by people in the medical industry who want that information to be completely erased from
the general population's mind forever, and if they can't legally stop them from getting the book published they will go
around telling everyone that the author is a dangerous “quack” who nobody should listen to.



Think for a moment about just how strong and resilient the grass in your front yard is.  You can walk on it, run over it
with a car, and even cut it with a lawnmower and it will still continue to grow and thrive, but if simply lay a towel over a
patch of grass and leave it there for a few days blocking it's ability to get sunlight what will happen is that the grass will
turn pale and start to die, and the same thing happens to us when we don't get enough sunlight.  

The sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth yet it can open and close all of the flowers and it could also heal millions
of people out there if they simply started spending more time outside, so if the weather is nicer outside than inside why
settle for second best?  

They say, "You Are What You Eat." and there is an interesting phenomenon that happens to people who eat a plant
based diet like the one that I recommend in
Chapter One.  Plants need sunlight and if you leave a house plant on your
windows ledge on a sunny day it will actually lean out the window and point in the direction of the sun, and once you
start eating a plant based diet you too will find yourself wanting to be outdoors and in the sun a lot more often, and your
love and appreciation for the sun will grow immeasurably.

Many doctors tell their patients that the sun causes cancer and that they should stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen
as protection, but if that were true then why is it that the areas of the body where men and women are the most likely to
develop cancer just happens to be the areas of the body that never gets direct sunlight unless you go outside
completely naked?  And why is it that people's immune systems become the weakest during the winter when they are
getting the least amount of sun exposure?  And why is it that skin cancer was rare back when our ancestors were alive
but is common today, despite the fact that we spend far less time in the sun than they did?  (We work at jobs that are in
doors, we do virtually all of our traveling in vehicles, and we spend most of our free time in our homes watching TV.)  

It seems to me that getting too little sun exposure is the real reason that many people develop cancer, and putting toxic
sunscreens on your body can also be a contributing factor.  

It is important to understand that in order to produce Vitamin D from sun exposure you must get sunlight at certain times
of the day (or even certain times of the year) depending on where you live.  I strongly recommend that you to click
HERE to watch a wonderful free documentary on YouTube which shows you how to easily figure out exactly which days
of the year you can get Vitamin D from the sun where you live and what times of the day you can get it.  

If you can produce Vitamin D where you live I encourage you to find a place in your yard or somewhere near-by where
you can lay in the sun with as little of clothing as possible.  (And preferably none at all, because no part of your body is
truly clean if it never gets exposed to fresh air and sunlight.)  I also encourage you to get “grounded” and walk outside
in bare foot or do your sunbathing while laying on the grass.  (If you spend most of your time in doors and you always
wear shoes when you go outside you will never direct contact with the Earth, and you will miss out on the healing
benefits of it.)

If you are going to sunbathe and you have light skin I feel that 20 - 30 minutes of direct sun exposure is enough  (Ideally
spend half of that time laying on your back and the other half laying on your stomach.) and if you have dark skin you
can (and should) spend about twice as much time in the sun.  

Too much of ANYTHING can be a bad thing, so definitely don't spend so much time in the sun that you are getting a sun
burn, and ideally make sure that you are only sunbathing during the times when you can actually get Vitamin D from the

And for those living in a cold climate where you have to go several months in a row with cold weather and not enough
sunlight to produce adequate amounts of Vitamin D, I highly recommend that you schedule your vacation time for the
middle of the winter and that you go someplace tropical so that you can put yourself in the sun and recharge your
immune system and stay healthy in the winter.



As far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated with learning as much as I can about people who live to be
100 years old or more.  Even when I was a kid I remember every year when the "Guinness Book Of World Records"
would come out I would always immediately look up "Age" to see who the oldest living person currently was, and
something very interesting that I have noticed over all of the years of learning about people that live to be 100 years old
or more is that they all seem to share an incredible phenomenon, and that is that when they die their death is instant
and painless, and if there are witnesses in the room when they die they will almost always say something like the

"Our Grandpa was just sitting there in his chair talking and he seemed perfectly fine, but then he suddenly closed his
eyes and lowered his head and that was how he died, and at first we all assumed that he just feel asleep because he
showed no signs of pain or struggle whatsoever."

But sadly, nursing homes today are filled with old people who are suffering from Alzheimer's and other debilitating health
conditions that make every day for them a struggle, and many of them are only alive because they are being kept alive
with life support machines, and when they finally do pass away their relatives actually feel a sense of relief and will say
things like...

“Well, at least Grandpa isn't suffering any more, and now he can finally rest in peace.”

The number 100 seems to be the magic age that if you live to be that old and are healthy your death will be painless
and will happen instantly (and most likely in your sleep) and I believe that this is how we were meant to die.  

People who are healthy and live a long and meaningful life will pass away peacefully and without a struggle because
they "lived", and just like a person who has had a really long and productive day is ready to go to sleep they have lived
a really long and productive life and are now ready to move on.

The “secrets” of those who live a really long and healthy life include...

* Eating a diet high in plants.
* Staying active by walking and working with their hands and minds.
* Having a strong sense of purpose in life that keeps them happy and grateful for their health and well being.

However, if you were to meet a person who is 100 years old and you asked them if they had spent the past 100 years
dreaming of someday living to be 100 years old many of them would probably say “No”, and you would find that they
focused more on “quality” of life rather than on “quantity” of years that they could live, and ironically they ended up
living a really long time because of not “trying” to.

If it is your goal to live forever than living to 100 or even 200 would probably be a colossal disappointment for you since
that would be a mere blink of an eye compared to infinity.  Therefore, I urge you not to spend your life obsessing with
the idea of achieving longevity in terms of years lived and instead become infinitely grateful for your health and seek
longevity in terms of the positive impact that you can have on the world which will still be felt long after you die.  (Do this,
and who knows, perhaps if you don't end up being hit by a car or struck by lightning you will end up in the “Guiness
Book Of World Records” someday as the oldest person on Earth!)


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