The reason that a lot of people who are in their 80's would break their hip if they fell down isn't because they are in their 80's, but rather it's because they have spent the past 2 or 3 decades avoiding physical activity, and because of this their bodies have become extremely fragile and more vulnerable to injuries.

Lack of physical activity can result in brittle bones, stiff joints, muscle loss, fat gain, and a weakened immune system, so it is very important to stay physically and mentally active as you get older because as there is a lot of truth to the old saying, "Use It Or Lose It".


Having a regular exercise program will increase your self-discipline, and having self-discipline is literally like having a super power in my opinion!

If you look through the "Guinness Book Of World's Records" you will find thousands of examples of people who were able to achieve seemingly impossible feats thanks to having an extremely high level of self-discipline, and if you look at the most powerful and influential people in the world you will notice that they tend to have a confidence about them that lets you know that when they say that they are going to do something they mean it!

The people around you will judge you based on your self-discipline. (If you are a person who has a strong level of self-discipline and you tell everyone that you are going to start running 100 miles a week they will instantly believe you, but if you are a person who clearly lacks self-discipline and you tell everyone that you are going to start walking a mile a day they will fully expect you to stop doing it after a short time.)

So if you want to be more successful and more influential I would encourage you to start adopting lifestyle habbits that only a small fraction of the population would have the self-discipline to do such as waking up early, taking cold showers, eating clean, avoiding drugs and alcohol, not spending your free time watching TV, and of course having a regular exercise program!


A lot of people will tell you that they love long romantic walks on the beach, but they probably don't enjoy long walks on a treadmill, (Hence the nickname "dreadmill") and this is because when you are excited about something it starts to feel effortless, and once you lose that enthusiasm it will quickly become all too clear to you just how much effort is required to do what you are doing.

"It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to."
- Annie Gottlier


If you find yourself not feeling the energy to exercise something that is guaranteed to help is to simply turn on some upbeat music that you enjoy.

In the past when soldiers would go to war the weapons they would bring included guns, cannons, and "battle drums", and the reason that they included "drums" in their arsenal was because soldiers marching to the beat of a drum can march faster and further without getting tired than soldiers who are marching without a beat.

So if you need an energy boost try music instead of caffeine!


Watching inspirational videos before a workout can also get you excited, and below are some good ones that I like...

A video that shows that we can do a lot more than we think.

A video that shows that it is never too late to start exercising.



Walking is the most natural form of exercise, and it is also the most commonly prescribed / recommended form of exercise for people with health problems.

I recommend walking an hour a day.

If you don't have the time or energy to walk for an hour in a row then you can do your walking in shorter intervals. (You could walk for 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the afternoon, and 20 minutes in the afternoon.)

And if you don't currently have the energy or the free time to do an hour a day simply start walking 10 minutes a day for now and try to increase your walking over time.


Because we have domesticated dogs, dog owners will take their dogs for walks to try to make up for the fact that they are no longer walking anywhere near as much as they were designed to, and now that we have come to rely so much on automobiles for transportation combined with the fact that our jobs have become a lot more sedentary we also would benefit from adding some walking back into our life.


Regardless of whether you walk 1 mile, jog 1 mile, or run 1 mile you will be burning close to the same number of calories, but the faster you are moving the more dangerous the exercise becomes.

Running and jogging can cause serious damage to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back over time if you are are doing it on rough terrain, or if you have a lot of excess weight on you which will put increased pressure on your joints, but walking is very easy on the joints and is one of the safest forms of physical exercise there is.

As far as speed goes, when you go for a walk it would be best if you were walking fast enough that your heart rate went up, but not so fast that you would have difficulty having a conversation with someone walking beside you due to how much you are huffing and puffing.

"A moderate pace is the speed that you should walk at if you want to arrive at "health" the fastest!" - Jared Six


Not only were we designed to walk, but we were designed to walk outdoors, and although walking on a tredmil can be great and is far better than not walking at all, you will not be getting the additional benefits of sunshine, fresh air, and natural scenery if you do your walking indoors.

Not only does walking outside provide you with physical exercise, but it also provides you with a lot of mental stimulation that keeps the mind active and healthy as well!


Before getting into the amazing benefits of jumping on a trampoline (also known as "rebounding") I want to stress that a mini trampoline will give you the same health benefits that a large trampoline will, and if you are worried about falling you can get a trampoline that comes with handle bars to hold onto while jumping.

Even if you have a disability there are still lots of exercises that you can do on a trampoline...

- You can sit on the trampoline and gently bounce your upper body up and down.

- You can sit on a chair, put your feet on the trampoline and bounce your lower body up and down.

- You can stand on the trampoline while holding onto the safety bars and genlty "bounce" up and down while keeping your feet on the trampoline and not actually "jumping".

And of course, if you aren't disabled and want to make jumping more challenging you do jumping jacks and other aerobic exercises while jumping.

As I mentioned earlier you don't need to buy a big trampoline to do this exercise, however, I strongly recommend that you buy a really high quality trampoline that comes with a lifetime warranty and that has a lot of good reviews, because the inexpensive trampolines that you find at places like "Wal-Mart" for only $20 or so are not built to last and will eventually break if you use it on a regular basis or if you weigh more than a small child, so for your safety I would urge you to invest in a premium trampoline.


If a person weighs 100 pounds and they glued a scale to their feet, the scale would say that they weighed "100 pounds" if they were standing still, but if they were jumping on a trampoline, the scale would say that they weighed "0 pounds" at the top of each jump when they are in the air and weightless, and then it would say that they weighed "300 pounds" each time that they came back down and landed on the trampoline.

It is at that moment when a scale would says that you weigh 3 times more than normal that your muscles engage to make the next jump, and since gravity is 3 times stronger than normal in that moment, the intensified gravitational force (known as "G Force") causes the cells in your body to have to work harder than normal and therefore provides a powerful "cellular workout".


We each have about 100,000,000,000,000 cells in our body (100 trillion) and like any other living creature each of our cells eat and excrete waste, and this cellular waste can build up in our bodies and cause problems.

Fortunately we also have a "Lymphatic System" which produces "Lymph Fluid", and one of the purposes of "Lymph Fluid" is to basically give each one of our cells a bath and to then transport the cellular waste that they have created out of the body.

But unlike our blood which has a heart that pumps and circulates it for us automatically, our lymphatic system has no actual pump and it instead gets stimulated through physical movement, so it is important to stay active, and jumping on a trampoline has specifically been shown to be one of the most effective form of exercise for stimulating your lymphatic system.


We've all familiar with the expression "Jumping For Joy", and just like young children enjoy jumping on their beds and astronauts enjoy doing somersaults when they are in space, jumping on a trampoline is a really fun way of experiencing weightlessness.

Jumping on a trampoline is so much fun that once I start doing it I don't want to stop, and I think that it would be virtually impossible to be jumping on a trampoline and feeling depressed at the same time.

Antidepressants are currently the most prescribed drug in America, and studies have shown that exercise is just as effective at reducing depression as many of the leading brands of antidepressants are, so if you're feeling down see if jumping on a trampoline doesn't "uplift" you and provide you with a natural high!


We all share a very intimate relationship with water. (Our bodies are mostly water, we spent the first 9 months of our existence in water, and although we can live a fairly long time without food we can not live for very long without water, so it should come as no surprise that spending time in water can have a lot of health benefits.)

Swimming is a wonderful and very low-pact form of exercise that puts virtually no stress on the joints, so it is especially good for people who have joint problems that prevent them from other forms of physical exercise.

However, I only recommend swimming if it is in a natural body of water, and I don't recommend swimming in public swimming pools for the following reasons...


Even though you are immersed in water when you are swimming, as soon as you get out of a public swimming pool your first instinct will probably be to take a shower, and this is because of all the chemicals that were in the water and that are now all over your skin and hair.

Public Swimming pools are usually loaded with chemical sanitizers such as "Chlorine" as well as PH balancing chemicals such as "Hydrochloric Acid", and these chemicals are so toxic that if you poured them into a fish tank it would likely kill the fish. (And these chemicals have also been linked to many health problems in humans ranging from burning of the eyes to miscarriages in pregnant women!)

So if you walk up to a public swimming pool and you can smell the chemicals or you can actually see the chemicals in the "cloudy" greyish water then please don't get in the pool. Yes, swimming is healthy, but swimming in a pool like that would be about as healthy as walking on a treadmill while you are in a small room that is full of people who are smoking cigarettes.)


There's an old Indian saying that, "You can't point at the same river twice." and the meaning of this saying is that natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans are in constant motion and are therefore constantly changing and purifying themselves.

But in a public swimming pool the water is stagnant and full of other people, so it's basically no different than being in a giant bathtub with a large group of people. (And surveys show that 1 in 5 adults "admit" to urinating while they are in public swimming pools.)

The reason that so many toxic chemicals are added to public swimming pools is because of how easy it is for bacteria, germs, and parasites to spread from person to person in them, and no "Life Guard" can save you from these "Silent Killers".


Even if you find a public swimming pool that doesn't add any chemicals to their water and claims to be "chemical free", don't forget that the water used to fill most public swimming pools is "tap water" (which is already a concoction of toxic chemicals to begin with) and although you may not be drinking the water you will still be absorbing it through your skin.


In the 76th verse of the "Tao Te Ching" it says that all life, including the trees and people are soft and flexible at birth, and become hard and stiff at death, and therefore "flexibility" is a companion of life and "stiffness" is a companion of death.

You may not remember this, but on the day that you were born you were more physically and mentally flexible then the most advanced yogi in the world, and a regular yoga practice is the best way to help you regain this flexibility.

Although physical postures is a part of yoga it is far more than that, and yoga is ultimately about self realization and becoming more aware of the fact that we are all connected.

I invite you to check out my yoga videos by clicking the image below...


For anyone who is "underweight" (or who is a normal weight but feels "underweight" because they are living in a society where the average person is overweight) the best way to gain some "healthy weight" is to gain it in the form of muscle mass.

It takes time to build muscle, however, you can speed up the process by following the same principles that construction workers use when they want to build a new building...

To build a new building (or muscle) you will need the following 3 things...

1. Labor (Workouts)

2. Materials (Good Nutrition)

3. Time (Rest & Recovery After Workouts)

And if you want to build a new building (or a new body) with maximum speed and efficiency you will also need a "Blue Print" of the finished product that you intend to create, because if you workout with the vague goal of "wanting to get in shape" it would be like construction workers showing up to a work site with the vague goal of "wanting to build a building".

It can not be stressed enough how important it is to have a clear vision of whatever it is that you wish to create in your life!

But most importantly, before you can build a new building (or a new body) the old one must first be torn down, and what this means is that all of the bad habits and disempowering beliefs that have been keeping you stuck where you are at must be demolished before major reconstruction can truly begin.

And lastly I want to say that new buildings can be built incredibly fast today because construction workers really know what they are doing and they have their work down to a science, which is why I want to encourage you to become a life long student of how to lift weights properly.

Lifting weights with proper form is so important for your safety and for getting good results that I recommend watching weight lifting videos on YouTube regularly for motivation, as well as for a regular reminding of how you should and shouldn't lift the weights, and so you can continue to learn new insights on how to get better results by working out smarter rather than harder.


Try to imagine just how utterly useless something like a treadmill would have been to our ancient ancestors.

In the past people didn't need gyms, barbells, or exercise programs, because physical exercise was involved in virtually everything that they did, but over the years we have invented "labor saving machines" that have reduced the amount of labor we have to do to almost nothing, and a great way to get in better shape is to simply start doing things the old fashioned way again.

We've all heard advice like this for years...

* Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

* Walk to places that are nearby instead of driving to them.

* Do yard work yourself rather than paying someone else to come over and do it for you.


I grew up in the country and there was no electric heating in the house that I grew up in, so in order to stay warm in the winter months me and my family had to spend the summer doing "wood work" which meant going into the forest and cutting down dead trees and then chopping them into logs that could be used as "fire wood".

I would dread having to do "wood work" because of how difficult it was and I would always ask my dad, "Do I have to do wood work today?" and he would respond by telling me, "No, you "get" to do wood work today."

It would always annoy me whenever he would say that to me, but over time I started to realize just like "Wayne Dyer" used to say, "When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change."

For some people just watching the training scene from one of the "Rocky" movies is enough to get them motivated to work-out, and for me personally when I saw the scene of "Rocky" doing "wood work" in "Rocky 4" it actually made me want to do "wood work" because I would imagine that I was "Rocky" when I did it.


I grew up in the 80's before internet and cellphones, and back then one of the most common ways that parents would punish their kids would be by telling them that they canĀ“t go outside and play, but children today have become so overweight and non-active that telling them to go outside and play would probably seem like punishment to them!

Believe it or not, just having a dream about being physically playing can give you a workout!

I've had dreams before where I am running in a big race and right after I cross the finish line I wake up and my heart is pounding and sometimes I'm even sweating!

Dreams like these may not be real, but the mind and body doesn't seem to know the difference in many respects, and you will definitely burn more calories during a dream like that than you will if you have a dream that you are sitting on your couch and watching television!