1,000,000 POUNDS OF DIRT

Ground Breaking!

I worked on this project when it was over 100° as well as when it was below 0°
and I enjoyed the challenges that came with the changing weather rather
than looking at them as reasons that I couldn't work on this project.

There was a really big dead tree in the yard and since I am into "composting"
I thought that it would be fun to dig a grave for it.
(After it was cut into pieces that I could actually lift or roll.)

Tree Compost Pit
8 feet deep   X   12 feet long   X   20 feet wide
(Throwing the tree logs into the hole was the funnest workout I have ever had)

I just knew that I would hit a pipe sooner or later.  

If you live in the city forget spending $20 on a "Pull-Up Bar" that you install above
your bedroom door and just go outside and dig up your city water pipes
and use them as pull-up bars instead...

Actually you could get into a lot of trouble for doing something like this.

Please don't try this at home!

Well, well, well...  I dug a well without even trying to!

My intentions with this hole was simply to dig a really deep hole and it honestly
never even occurred to me that I could hit water by doing so, but once the
hole started getting really deep I noticed that the dirt was starting to have some
moisture to it and as I continued digging downward I eventually found myself
standing in a small puddle of water and I kept digging until the water was up
to my ankles, then my knees, and eventually my waist.

When I was digging in the waist-high water I kept getting this really eerie feeling
that the ground below me was going to collapse at any moment and that
I was going to fall into some kind of underground river.  That might sound silly, but
I kept a rope tied around my waist just to set my mind at ease about it.

Getting ready to haul another bucket of dirt out of the well.
By the way, it's nice to know that if I'm ever in a situation
where I don't have access to drinking water I could always just dig a well.
I usually drink a gallon of distilled water a day and there is enough water here
to last me for months!

This big hole resulted in some unexpected company...

Going Deep!


A "Channel 10 New" helicopter showed up at my house while I was digging
And hovered over me for at least 30 minutes.
The pilot circled the hole several times and was looking right at me.
He was also yelling into a headset and looked upset.

(I just waved and kept on digging :)

Another pipe!

So I guess that this is want all of that "Call Before You Dig" hype is about.

Please call before you dig.

A total of 4 shovels and 1 rake broke on me while working on this project.

Prehistoric Pet Rock

Heart shaped rocks that I dug up.

So what was the point of digging 1,000,000 pounds of dirt???

Well, there were certainly a lot of physical benefits that I received from doing
this project such as getting lots of exercise and plenty of fresh air, and sunshine.
Plus now that I have completely my goal of digging 1,000,000 pounds of dirt I know
that I can certainly handle much smaller challenges that come my way, but I didn't
really do this project for any of those reasons and digging 1,000,000 pounds of dirt
wasn't the true goal that I wanted to achieve with this project...  

This project was all about "Love".

If someone out there sees these images and feels inspired to exercise, or to
start their own garden, or to simply buy a bag of grapes the next time they
go grocery shopping than I put this extra energy that I have been raving about to
good use and I did what I set out to do with this project.  

Eating healthier changed my life for the better in ways that I never could have
imagined and now all I want to do is share it with others in some way.

Every one of us has the potential to inspire major positive changes in the world
and now that I believe it I'm going for it!


All of the rocks that I dug up during this project.

A Project To Help Demonstrate The Outrageously High Energy Levels That I
Experienced While On A Raw Food Diet.

Project complete!  

According to the "National Institute Of Standards And Technology" 1 cubic foot of dirt
weighs 120 pounds.   I dug a total of 10,000 cubic feet of dirt
during this project which would put me well over the 1,000,000 pound mark.  Plus I
also had to bury all of the holes that I dug which means that I
technically had to dig all of the dirt twice so I think that it's safe to say that I dug
1,000,000 pounds of dirt.  

Estimated time to complete this project: 500 hours

I can't believe that digging hasn't become a sport or a new fitness craze yet.
Digging is such a powerful and unpredictable form of exercise.

By Jared Six

I decided to use the rocks to make a border around the area that I did this
project and I'm happy to say that what for many years had been an
empty backyard will now be an organic vegetable garden.